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By adding a logo, garments become classified as Uniform and are therefore Tax Deductible. Employees are liable for tax on unbranded garments, which as such are considered as gifts.

We have shown some basic ideas regarding branding; however, our knowledgeable consultants will be happy to assist you with your branding options.

EMBROIDERY - Minimum 10 pcs
This can be split across multiple items.

It is suited for pocket size logos going on tops such as polos, business shirts & jackets. Logo prices vary depending on complexity and size, which in turn affects the number of stitches and therefore run time on the machines. Large designs are typically too expensive and are, instead, printed but don’t be afraid to ask.

Email us your logo so we can calculate the stitch count and give you our best price as part of your quote for the entire job. The more you do at the one time, the cheaper it is.

Please Note:

  • Please note WE DO NOT brand garments supplied by clients.

  • The cost of embroidery is not affected by the number of colours, unlike Screen Printing.

  • Simple bold designs and text tend to work better for embroidery.

  • Designs with graduation of colour may work better with print than embroidery.

SCREENPRINTING - Minimum 15 pcs
Embroidery is usually the branding of choice for Business attire as it can look smarter. However, we do offer a full range of printing options where required.

DIGITAL TRANSFERS - Minimum 10 pcs
Ideal for small and detailed multicoloured logos. The design is printed on vinyl and heat transferred to garments.

This process is often used to create a unique polyester garment. Minimum quantities and longer lead times apply to these garments. Typically used for casual or sporting garments but can be used for corporate polos and you will be surprised by how few are required to make it worthwhile.

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