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General Conditions of Sale

BusinessClothing is a New Zealand owned and operated business registered as Bute Homes Ltd. The name that will appear on your statement will be BusinessClothing.

  1. All transactions require full payment before commencement of the order and delivery of the goods.

  2. All Business Clothing products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and complaints must be made in writing on our complaint form within 10 days of the invoice date. Claims for defective goods will be settled by replacement and credits or refunds will only be issued at our discretion.

  3. All goods are printed and embroidered using industry accepted printing processes. However, we shall not be held liable for wear and tear. We will match PMS colours as accurately as our inks and threads will allow. Half tones and detailed graphics may reproduce less than perfectly on some products and we will take no responsibility for such imperfections other than where we have made recommendations to the customer. Business Clothing shall not be held liable for errors where a proof has been submitted to and approved by the customer.

  4. We will accept no liability whatsoever for errors or omissions on proofs signed off as correct. All costs for remedial action will be invoiced to the customer's account.

  5. The customer acknowledges and agrees that personal information, which for the purposes of this clause has the same meaning as given to that term under the Privacy Act 1993, is collected by and will be held by us. Such personal information is provided and may be held, used and disclosed for the following purposes:
    (a) administering, whether directly or indirectly, our contacts and enforcing our rights thereunder;
    (b) marketing goods and services provided by us.
    The customer has the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to obtain access to and request correction of any personal information concerning the customer. The customer authorizes us to obtain at any time from any person or entity, any information we may require to process and/or accept any application for credit the customer may make to us or to perform or complete any other purposes for which the customer has provided personal information to us. The customer authorizes any such person to release to us any personal information that person holds concerning the customer. If the customer fails to provide information requested by us in respect of any application for credit the customer may make, we may be unable to process such application.

  6. The above exclusions and limitations shall not apply to a customer as defined in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. The customer agrees and acknowledges that either the customer does not fall within the definition of "consumer" within the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, or all supplies of goods and services by us to the customer will be acquired for the customer's business purposes and accordingly the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply.

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